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This week we are focusing on inkjet implementation in production printers. BDS recommends the RISO Comcolor range of high volume production
printers for serious volume printing. Riso have developed Inkjet technology to levels previously considered unachievable. As you will see from some of the products below, these printers are WOW factor. From every angle they are
astonishing machines which will just blow your mind!

This innovation in design results in fewer moving parts as the printhead spans the full width of the page. Paper is fed through the printer and passed under the printhead. Ink is then deposited on the page as it passes the Printhead. This technique allows much faster print speeds to be achieved and RISO maximise this at 150 A4 full colour pages per minute in their flagship product the
Comcolor 9150.

The Comcolor series was designed from the outset to deliver
communications colour at a groundbreaking cost per page. We currently
provide this machine with a click agreement billing at ONLY 2ppp, yes that 2 pence per page for A4 colour at normal 5% coverage. Mono pages are clicked at 0.4 pence per page.

This is no lightweight. The Comcolor can handle up to 500,000 sheets of paper per month with ease. Built to handle these challenging workloads, the
machines have minimal maintenance requirements. Inkjet technology is
inherently reliable as there are minimal moving parts, no heat and pressure fusing so paper misfeeds are significantly reduced.

Clearly this machine is built to print! To be able to print such high duty cycles you need large ink tanks. Each tank delivers around 70,000 pages of print at 5% coverage. More so if coverage is reduced. A great point about inkjet is that because the only consumable is ink, if the coverage is lower the user feels the full benefit of that in directly reduced ink usage. The ink tanks are easily replaced and are manufactured from a plastic bag inner and cardboard outer so there is very little waste and the materials are recyclable.

Inkjet technology is amazingly efficient. Because the image forming material is liquid, it can be easily pumped and siphoned through the machine thus there is no need for complex control systems requiring expensive cartridge components. Hence the only wastage is the empty ink bags and a small amount of waste ink. Compare this with a laser printer which will produce several hundred discarded plastic cartridges which are difficult and expensive to recycle, the RISO produces only a minuscule quantity of waste material.

The Comcolor can be fitted with a huge range of options for different
purposes. A 4000 sheet optional input feeder and A 4000 sheet optional
stacker unit are available along with finishers, staplers, booklet makers,
binders, Actual book binder, envelope printing and assembly for mailing to name just some of the options. So you can pretty much guarantee that
anything you might want a production printer to do, the Riso can do it!

We are on dodgy ground here when claiming environmental credibility for a 150 page per minute printer. But bear with us… If you have to print 250,000 pages per month then you need to consider how to do this with the least environmental impact. You have already established you need to print it, so the RISO lets you produce the output with minimal energy consumption and minimal waste material.

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