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Cut up to 50% of your printing costs and up to 80% of your energy use with this A4 multifunction printer, while
enhancing productivity in the office.


A small workgroup multifunction printer, perfect for businesses that have
traditionally used lasers and want to cut costs, increase productivity and reduce downtime, while also reducing their environmental impact. Epson’s clean
technology helps create a more environmentally-friendly workplace.


  • Save time
  • Automatic double-sided printing, scanning, copying and faxing
  • Ecological
  • Uses up to 80 percent less power than competitive colour lasers
  • Low running costs
  • Up to 50 percent lower cost per page than competitive colour lasers
  • Built for business
  • Scan-to functions and LDAP address book support
  • PrecisionCore technology. Epson’s most advanced printhead technology

This week we are looking more closely at laser printing vs inkjet printing. Everyone who uses a laser printer knows that frequently cartridges require replacement. In general these are expensive, have relatively short lives and produce large
quantities of waste which more often than not end up in landfill..

We reviewed the consumables used in a typical office colour laser printer, the HP CP3525 and analysed the waste produced over its working life. We estimated the machine life to be 900,000 pages based on the published maximum duty cycle of 75,000 pages per month over 12 months warranty period. Assuming normal colour print usage at 5% page coverage and based on high capacity cartridges we arrive at a staggering…

A simpler cost effect way.

Over the life of the machine this adds up to a whopping 507 cartridges, along with their packaging which will be destined for landfill if not responsibly re-cycled. It is fair to say that HP have complied with all EU and international standards to mark
recyclable components but of course for this to be useful the cartridge has to be returned via a competent re-cycling program. Sadly it is rarely commercially viable for anyone to collect small quantities of cartridges so they often end up in the bin.

At BDS we recognise this and recently have become increasing interested in
alternative print systems which can provide high quality output users require but with reduced impact on the environment. As we see it the key features for any alternative print technology are:

  • Significant reduction of waste material.
  • Reduced, or at least equivalent printing costs.
  • Minimal compromise on quality.
  • Equivalent or better speed.
  • Reduced energy requirements.
  • Higher consumable Yields.

For a moment we should discuss the output quality. We find it revealing how many of our users have colour capable laser printers but then choose to operate them in “toner save mode”. There is a perception that general office printing requires super high quality output. However, when the costs of such print are properly
understood, running the machine in toner save mode, while reducing quality and colour vibrancy becomes totally acceptable for the vast majority of print
requirements. The standard output quality of a modern inkjet printer is similar to a laser in normal operation and certainly better than most toner save mode output.

There have been many advances in inkjet technology in recent years, several
manufacturers are now looking at inkjet as the technology of the future precisely because it offers high speed, good output quality, reduced waste, lower energy, and eliminates the need for complex cartridges.

BDS are delighted to introduce the Epson Workforce Pro product range. Epson have always been a key manufacturer of inkjet based printers. Historically focusing on the very high quality photo and large format markets, Epson are now bringing all their inkjet expertise to the office printing sector, creating a family of products designed to compete head on against laser toner based machines.

The range includes A4 and A3 variants both available as either single function or multifunction devices i.e. a complete range for all office user sectors. These
machines offer high speeds, low operating costs, high quality, high consumable yields, and very low wastage. At BDS we consider the Epson Workforce Pro range to be a serious game changer in the world of office printing. Over the coming weeks we will be introducing these products in more detail.

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